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Problems With Gutter Guard?

Gutter Guard Before

Gutter Guard Before

Gutter Guard Cleaning After
Gutter Guard After

Gutter Guard
Flimsy plastic gutter guard that collapses or displaced.

Gutter Guard
Metal gutter guard that in time will need removal for cleaning.

Gutter Guard
Gutter Guard collapsing and leaves building up.

Misconception: If you have gutter guards your gutters will never need cleaning. Fact: Depending on the type of gutter guard, your gutters will still need to be cleaned. Our experience: Mesh gutter guards, plastic or metal, will often clog rendering the gutter underneath ineffective and water will run straight off your roof. Oak and maple flowers, tulip tree or yellow poplar seeds or white pine needles will often be washed into and stick in the openings in the grids of plastic or metal mesh guards. These will need to be brushed or vacuumed clean periodically. Other gutter guards will allow roof erosion from shingles into the gutter while effectively limiting large leaves.

Shingles break down over time with exposure to the sun. Shingles are made of tar and rock-like mineral matter. This mineral matter can build-up each year if your gutter does not have enough flow. We have removed literally hundreds of pounds of shingle minerals from some gutters. The shingle minerals combined with seeds, pollen, tree flowers can form a seal in your gutter.

We have removed trees from gutters at houses with expensive high quality gutter guards. To inspect or clean gutter guards, each one needs to be unfastened and fastened or screwed back on after gutters are clean. If you have gutter guards and notice a drainage problem we can give you an estimate to restore your gutters to functionality.